It is our mission to treat every patient as a cherished child of God as we work to improve their lives.

E. Dwight Osteen II, BS, RPSGT

Clinical Sleep Specialist

Dwight is our Clinical Sleep Specialist and leader of our office.  He has been in the medical field since 2003 working in the fields of Sleep Medicine and Neurology.  His passion for patient care has guided him as he strives daily to ensure that patients receive the highest level of care and product quality possible. Email him directly at

Patrick Keller

Director of Sales

Patrick has lived and worked in the Walker County area for years.  Patrick has decades of experience in serving patients.  He is truly dedicated to making sure that the residents of our area are served to the best of his ability.  Email him directly at

Nicole Remaly 

Patient Care Specialist

Nicole has a passion for helping people and works daily to lead our team to accomplish our mission.  She has years of experience in the medical field helping patients and is excited to help you with your medical supply needs. Email her directly at

Gaby Marez

Lead Patient Care Specialist

Gaby is an outstanding individual whose happiness and vibrant youth can not help but rub off on those around her.  She loves helping those in need and looking for opportunities to serve others.  She is a great asset and leader of our staff that works tirelessly to ensure that patients are receiving top quality care. Email her directly at

Kati Goodman

Patient Care Specialist

Kati is a student at Sam Houston State and is studying to be a teacher.  Her attention to detail helps her make sure that all patients get everything they need.  She is likely the voice you hear when you call and she always  does everything she can to make sure that the patients is helped. Email her directly at

Averi Beighle

Manager in training

Averi has a strong background in CPAP and Sleep medicine. Her passion for patient care is self evident as she goes above and beyond to make sure that every patient is helped to the best of her ability. Averi is happy to help you with your medical supply needs. Email her directly at

Hannah Chandler

Patient Care Specialist

Hannah is our person that specializes in helping patients remain compliant.  She works daily to make sure that patients are successfully using their device.  She is the person that may call you to help you use your device more successfully. Email her directly at

Angel Huerta

Patient Care Specialist

Angel is a tremendous addition to our staff that works diligently to make sure that phone calls are answered in a timely fashion and that patients that walk in the front door are greeted with a friendly smile. She is glad to help with all your medical device needs. Email her directly at